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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of equipment do you use?

    Truck-mounted, hot water "steam" extrapolation. This is the method recommended by carpet manufacturers.

  2. Do you move furniture?

    Sofas, tables, and chairs will be carefully moved to clean under them. Larger pieces such as beds, dressers, or entertainment systems are left in place.

  3. Will all the stains come out with the cleaning process?

    Most grayish, blackish spots should come out. Unfortunately, "colored stains, such as furniture stains, air filtration lines (black lines around edges), dye and rust probably will not come out. These need to be treated through stain removal methods. When we perform the cleaning services at your residence, Rick will pre-inspect the carpet and point out stains that don't come out in cleaning.

  4. Can I walk on the carpet right after the cleaning has been done?

    Yes, but socks and bare feet are recommended.

  5. There are black lines around the edges of my carpet. Are those permanent?

    Those lines are called soil filtration lines, which are created by soot. Although the cleaning process may improve their appearance, it may not be able to remove them. To help you reduce this problem, you should change air filters regularly.

  6. How long does the carpet take to dry?

    Drying time depends on several factors: the type of fiber and how condensed it is. Synthetic carpets dry between 3 to 12 hours under proper conditions.

  7. How can one carpet cleaning company be better then another?

    Training, experience, whether it is owner-operated, company guarantees, references, type of equipment, and BBB affiliation.

  8. How often should carpet be cleaned?

    It is recommended that carpets be cleaned at least once per year. The actual time will vary according to the amount of uses and abuse (kids and pets) that the individual room will receive. With our method of cleaning, a more frequent cleaning will extend the life of your carpet.

  9. Does having my carpet professionally cleaned make it soil faster?

    Unlike other companies Amazing's high tech cleaning methods rinse virtually all cleaning agents out of your carpet so it will not attract dirt. Some companies use soap which may leave a dirt attracting residue.


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